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false adj
1 not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality; "gave false testimony under oath"; "false tales of bravery" [ant: true]
2 arising from error; "a false assumption"; "a mistaken view of the situation" [syn: mistaken]
3 erroneous and usually accidental; "a false start"; "a false alarm"
4 deliberately deceptive; "hollow (or false) promises"; "false pretenses" [syn: hollow]
5 inappropriate to reality or facts; "delusive faith in a wonder drug"; "delusive expectations"; "false hopes" [syn: delusive]
6 not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article; "it isn't fake anything; it's real synthetic fur"; "faux pearls"; "false teeth"; "decorated with imitation palm leaves"; "a purse of simulated alligator hide" [syn: fake, faux, imitation, simulated]
7 designed to deceive; "a suitcase with a false bottom"
8 inaccurate in pitch; "a false (or sour) note"; "her singing was off key" [syn: off-key, sour]
9 adopted in order to deceive; "an assumed name"; "an assumed cheerfulness"; "a fictitious address"; "fictive sympathy"; "a pretended interest"; "a put-on childish voice"; "sham modesty" [syn: assumed, fictitious, fictive, pretended, put on, sham]
10 (used especially of persons) not dependable in devotion or affection; unfaithful; "a false friend"; "when lovers prove untrue" [syn: untrue] adv : in a disloyal and faithless manner; "he behaved treacherously"; "his wife played him false" [syn: faithlessly, traitorously, treacherously, treasonably]

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Though it exists in late fals was not common usage until the 12th century. It probably entered or reentered the language through or fals, faus. Prior to that it is clear to have come from , falsus, meaning "falsehood", from the earlier verb fallere, "to deceive".



  1. Untrue, not factual, wrong.
  2. Spurious, artificial (as in false teeth).
  3. A state in Boolean logic that indicates a negative result.


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untrue, not factual, wrong
spurious, artificial
  • Danish: kunstig
  • Dutch: vals, onecht
  • Finnish: teko- (prefix), keino- (prefix)
  • French: faux, artificiel
  • German: falsch
  • Greek: ψευδής, πλαστός, κίβδηλος, νόθος
  • Hebrew: , (=prosthetic), (=prosthetic)
  • Indonesian: buatan
  • Interlingua: false
  • Italian: posticcio, finto
  • Polish: sztuczny
  • Portuguese: falso, artificial
  • Romanian: fals, artificial, contrafăcut
  • Spanish: postiza
  • Swedish: konstgjord
  • Turkish: yapay, sahte
state in Boolean logic that indicates a negative result
  • Dutch: onwaar, vals
  • Finnish: epätosi
  • French: faux
  • Hebrew:
  • Italian: falso
  • Romanian: fals
  • Swedish: falskt
  • Turkish: yanlış



false p

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False is the antonym of the adjective true.
False may also refer to:
  • FALSE, an esoteric stack-oriented programming language
  • false, a Unix utility

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false in Italian: Falso

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Barmecidal, Barmecide, Machiavellian, Tartuffian, Tartuffish, aberrant, abroad, adrift, affected, airy, all abroad, all off, all wrong, ambidextrous, amiss, apostate, apparent, apparitional, artful, artificial, askew, astray, at fault, autistic, awry, backsliding, baseborn, bastard, beguiling, beside the mark, bogus, brummagem, calculating, canting, catchy, chimeric, chiseling, collusive, concocted, contrary to fact, corrupt, counterfeit, counterfeited, covinous, crafty, crooked, cunning, deceitful, deceiving, deceptive, defective, deluding, delusional, delusionary, delusive, delusory, dereistic, derelict, deviant, deviational, deviative, devious, disaffected, dishonest, disloyal, distorted, double, double-dealing, double-faced, double-minded, double-tongued, doublehearted, dreamlike, dreamy, dubious, dummy, duplicitous, errant, erring, erroneous, ersatz, fabricated, factitious, faithless, fake, faked, fallacious, false-principled, falsehearted, fantastic, faultful, faulty, feigned, fickle, fictitious, finagling, fishy, flawed, forged, fraudulent, furtive, goody, goody-goody, guileful, hallucinatory, heretical, heterodox, holier-than-thou, hollow, hypocritical, illegitimate, illogical, illusional, illusionary, illusive, illusory, imaginary, imitation, imprecise, in error, inaccurate, inconstant, incorrect, indirect, inexact, insidious, insincere, invalid, lying, made-up, manufactured, mealymouthed, mendacious, meretricious, misbegotten, miscreated, misleading, mistaken, mock, not right, not true, not true to, of bad faith, off, off the track, ostensible, out, peccant, perfidious, perverse, perverted, phantasmagoric, phantasmal, phantom, pharisaic, phony, pietistic, pinchbeck, pious, pseudo, questionable, recreant, renegade, sanctified, sanctimonious, scheming, seeming, self-contradictory, self-deceptive, self-deluding, self-righteous, sham, sharp, shifty, simulated, slippery, sneaky, snide, sniveling, specious, spectral, spurious, straying, substitute, supposititious, surreptitious, synthetic, traitorous, treacherous, trickish, tricksy, tricky, trothless, truthless, two-faced, unactual, unctuous, underhand, underhanded, unfactual, unfaithful, unfounded, unloyal, unnatural, unorthodox, unproved, unreal, unsound, unsteadfast, unsubstantial, untrue, untrustworthy, untruthful, visionary, wide, wily, wrong
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